Courses conducted by Indian Hypnosis Academy

1. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Professional Course)

2.Transpersonal Hypnosis

3. Crash Course (Hypnotherapy, Regression, Higher order Guidance and Foreign Energy Management)

4. Psychic Therapy

5. Integrated Divine Healing Course

6. Other Workshops

6.1Graphology (Basic Course)

6.2 Body Language (Basic Course)

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 Details of all of the aforesaid workshops: 

1.Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 

The training course on Clinical Hypnotherapy includes theoretical inputs and practical opportunities to learn hypnosis and counseling. Class room teaching, reading materials, practical work, online support and supervised assignments constitute the training course. The students may seek guidance even after completion of the course in order to reinforce the art and science of hypnosis and its application for development and clinical purposes for the humanity. The syllabus and techniques have been simplified for easy retention considering international standards.

There are five Teaching Modules of the Course:

MODULE -1 : Applied Hypnosis 

  • Understanding Hypnosis; Human Mind; Principles and Techniques of Hypnosis; Hypnotic Trance; Personality and its Application in Hypnosis; Planning and Conducting a Hypnosis Session; Ethical Issues

 MODULE -2 : Auto Hypnosis 

  • Self Hypnosis: Concept, purpose, laws, process and applications; Techniques of Self Hypnosis and Hypnotic Meditation

 MODULE -3 : Contemporary Hypnosis 

  • Hypnotic Modalities; Ericksonian Hypnosis; Kappasinian Hypnosis; Visualization and Imagery; Dream Therapy; Hypno-diagnostic tools- (Suggestion Therapy; Hypno-analysis; Paris window; Corrective Therapy; Ideo-motor response; Hypno aids, Biofeedback and Body Syndrome); Hypnodrama; Child Hypnosis; Group Hypnosis; Dealing the issues like: Phobia, bed wetting, thumb sucking, study habits, anxiety; Use of the techniques like; Circle Therapy, Desensitization, Age Regression and Life Therapy.

 MODULE -4 : Hypno- Counselling 

  • Sexuality: Types of sexuality; development of Sexuality and Priorities as per sexuality; Healthy Communication; Relationship Counseling; Sexual Dysfunction; Erectile dysfunction and frigidity

 MODULE -5 : Clinical Hypnosis 

  • Medical Model of Hypnosis; Disease: Origin and mind –body connections; First Consultation; Counseling Interview; Writing Scripts; Family System approach; Healing- Low Blood Sugar, Eating Disorder, Substance Abuse, and Crisis Interventions; Self concept; Defense Mechanisms; General Self Improvement; Habit Control; Promoting the Professional work

 After completion of five modules, you Learn: 

  • 20 Techniques of Hypnosis
  • 10 Techniques of Self Hypnosis
  • Healing Techniques and processes 

 You Get

  • Study material (including Five Course Manuals) of more than 600 Pages in English,
  • Bring a pen drive of 8 GB for soft copies of hypnotic music, scripts, spirals and awareness videos 

 Number of Days: 10 

Fee: USD 900

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Eligibility: 18 years and above, preferably graduate, or senior secondary with good communication skill 

Scheme of the Course

  • The students invest time in three modes, i.e., class room sessions, reading and learning after the training course, and practicing the skill in the field.
  • The students can choose learning modes as per their convenience such as: full day workshops, part-time workshops or off-days workshops.
  • Personal coaching classes, as per mutual convenience are also provided with no extra cost.
  • The class room studies include input sessions, demos and practice sessions.
  • Debriefing is provided after each practice or demo session for clarification and consolidation of the concepts and processes.
  • The students are provided reading and learning material for further in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts and processes.
  • The students are provided supervisory support to seek guidance for sharpening their skills while practicing independently in the field over a period of six months or even more.
  • The students should invest about 450 hours inclusive of class room teaching, practicum, learning from reading material and practicing independently under supervision after completion of class room sessions over a span of six months.
  • The students are helped to prepare plan of action after the training classes.
  • The Academy makes online support available to the students for the stated period and beyond.
  • Students undergo examination for certification.
  • Students are supervised to prepare 10 cases after completion of classes. The student need to pay an amount of USD 100 as evaluation fee along with case studeis. Click here to make the payment.
  • P& H charges for delivery of Diploma are USD 50 Click here to make payment for the same  

NOTE: The students need to prepare and submit 10 cases under the supervised guidance of their instructor after completion of the course in order to qualify for ‘DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY’. 

 2. Transpersonal Hypnosis: (Metaphysics and Regression Therapy)

The course has been designed specifically to impart knowledge on metaphysics. This is the area very less considered for research. The knowledge and skill imparted in the course shall enable the students to heal the people and also provide a ground for desired research in the field. The topics covered do not reflect any specific religion or belief system rather offer a possible explanation to the metaphysical experiences and processes. It is further open to research.

Subject Matter

  • Understanding Metaphysics; Accessing metaphysical entities like- Spirit Guides, Masters, Inner advisers, Inner child, Higher self for guidance and healing; Past-life Regression; Foreign Energy Management; Healing with white light; Spiritual/Meditative healing; Necessary Precautions

 You Learn

  • Processes of Past Life Regression; Spirit Release; Accessing Higher level energies like spirit guide, masters, Higher Self; Using Inner advisor
  • Learn spiritual healing processes  

 You Get

  • A Course Manual of 74 Pages in English,
  • Bring a pen drive of 8 GB for soft copies of hypnotic music, spirals, scripts and awareness videos 

 Number of Days: Two

Fee: USD 300

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Eligibility :

  • 18 years with education at par with Senior Secondary level.
  • Completion of any of the Hypnosis course


3.Crash Course (Hypnotherapy, Regression, Higher order guidance and Spirit Release)

 This is a condensed practical course useful for those who want to reinforce their knowhow and skill in hypnosis and metaphysics.

The course covers:  

  • Basic Hypnosis: Human Mind, State and steps of hypnosis, Indirect hypnosis, Self Hypnosis;
  • Clinical Hypnosis: Medical Modal of hypnosis, Disease, Healing design, Healing processes relating- Fear, Phobia, Bed wetting, Sexual dysfunction, Eating disorder, Weight Managememnt, Smoking, Alcoholism, Substance abuse, Personality disorders, private violence, Personal improvement;
  • Transpersonal Hypnosis: Past Life Regression, Accessing (Spirit Guides, Masters, Higher Self, Inner Adviser), Spirit Release 

 You Learn

  • Ten Techniques of Hypnosis
  • Seven Techniques of Self Hypnosis
  • Different healing processes
  • Past Life Regression and other aforesaid metaphysical processes 

 You Get

  • A Course Manual of 110 Pages in English,
  • Bring a pen drive of 8 GB for soft copies of hypnotic music, scripts and awareness videos 

 Number of Days: Four days 

Fee: USD 400

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Eligibility: 18 years preferably Senior Secondary or equivalent. 

 Desirable: Knowledge of Healing processes 

4. Psychic Therapy

This is a spiritua development course designed to elevate spiritual knowledge and skill of the people to help themselves and others.

Subject Matter

Psychic energy, Psychic Stimulation, Mind body connections, body scanning, Aura scanning, Remote connections, Planes of Existence, Intuitive Healing, Energy Chakras

You Learn

Body scanning, Aura Scanning, Psychic Protection, Psychic Meditation, Remote connections, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive healing

You Get: Course Manual of 90 Pages (Size A4) in English

Number of Days: 2 days

Fee: USD 300

Eligibility: 18 Years

Desireable: Spiritual Orientation

5. Integrated Divine Healing Course

A complete healing modality comprising of basic healing course of Reiki I and 2, Crystal Healing, Self- Hypnosis and Meditation for balancing chakras. The purpose of the course is to enable the individual to understand the core concepts of healing energies and significance of mind in the entire healing process. It comprises of theory description followed by practical session where each student would get pleasure of receiving healing from the divine along with opportunity of mutual practice in the class. The course is designed specifically to equip the students with scientific understanding of healing.

You Learn

History of Reiki; Chakras: Balancing/Cleaning/Energizing; Aura Cleaning/Smudging in 3 ways; Concept of Energy; Healing Processes for Self and Others; Scrolling and Transmittal Process; Healing and Chakras Balancing with Crystals; Concept, Process and Techniques of Self Hypnosis; Mediation for Spiritual Elevation and Healing

You Become

A Moving Positive Light; Sensitive to Positive Energy; Intuitive; Confident; Energetic; Focused; Stable & Secure

You Receive

  • A Healing Kit containing 3 Manuals, Incense Sticks, Note Pad and Pen
  • Please bring a pen drive for Hypnotic and Healing Music

No of Days: 4 days (11 AM – 4 PM)

Fee: USD 400

Further Details: Contact Dr. Pooja at 9911401645


6.1-Graphology (Handwriting Analysis): This is one day course on basic graphology including handwriting and signature both. A course Manual is provided for further reference.

Fee: USD 100

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6.2-Body Language: This is a one day basic course focusing on body language as a means of communication. A course Manual is provided for further reference

Fee: USD 100

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You can participate in the workshops as per schedule announced or fix up appointment as per your convenience.


It is important to note that Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Psychotherapy or other hypnosis based therapies/ processes taught by the Academy are not substitute to any medical or healing system rather are supplementary devices to facilitate the healing process. We have found them useful but we do not claim their generalized application everywhere on each person and for each disorder or problem. The users need to apply their conviction and wisdom with their own responsibility while learning or using them.

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