The IHA provides services in following areas in addition to its exhaustive training courses on mind-body-spirit modalities . 


Mind is a great creator and curator. Subconscious mind has got power to program and reprogram human behavior. The issues such as Fear, Phobia and Trauma; Marital issues like Adjustment, Sexual Dysfunction; Habits such as Poor Studies, Alcoholism, Smoking, Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, Bed Wetting, Stuttering and Stammering;  Performance in Sports, Stage Activities and Studies; and issues like Weight Management; Eating Disorder, Anger, Anxiety, Insomnia, and other psychosomatic issues can be effectively addressed with hypnotherapy. Fee for each Hypnotherapy Session is Rs 3500/- only.     

Past Life Regression Therapy:

Sometimes roots of the problem are not found in current life of the person. It may be because of the triggered effect of the primitive lives of the person. Such issues can be corrected with the use of Past Life Regression Therapy. Fee for each session of Past Life Regression Therapy is Rs 5000/- only. .

Higher Order Guidance:

 Wisdom is available in the universe to guide us for betterment of life. The energies such as Masters, Spirit Guides and one’s Higher Self provide intuitive guidance required to take decisions and lead life with confident and comfort. Human as Spirits, are part of the universal structure. Fee for per session is Rs 5000/- only.    

Spirit Release Therapy:

Possession by foreign energies has emerged as a big problem in the entire world. Life of affected person is highly disturbed by such entities. Human mind can be used to get rid of the unwanted energies and correct dissociative personality disorder. Fee for each session of Spirit Release is Rs 5000/-     

Meditation Skill Enhancement:

Meditation is a wonderful means to elevate one’s spirituality. Meditation is one of the rare gifts human received from the Almighty that too thousands of years ago. Many practitioners of meditation want to have improvement in their meditative skills. You can improve your meditation skill by using a session of four hours of two sessions of two hours each. Fee for meditation skill enhancement session is Rs 5000/- for four hours.  

Handwriting Analysis:

Handwriting analysis is a powerful tool of having in-depth understanding of behavior and personality for self and/or partner/friend/family. The analysis report includes corrective measures as well. A person can avoid many potential risks only by making correction in one’s behavior by making suitable changes in the handwriting and signature. You need to give one full page written with your natural handwriting and duly signed. Fee for generating report of analysis and corrective measures is Rs. 2500/- only.

 Tarot Card Reading:

Tarot Cards have become popular because of their proven utility. They give strong indications about one’s past, current and future life situations. Answers for specific questions can be explored with the cards. Tarot cards utilize unlimited cosmic power by communicating thru one’s mind. Reading can be done from a distant place as well. Fee for three questions is Rs 1500/- only and Rs 500/- for every additional question.   

 Theta Healing:

Theta Healing has come as a blessing for the humanity. It is not bound by the limits of time and distance. Issues related to one’s habits, potential partnership, mind healing and psychosomatic disorders are healed with the grace of supreme consciousness. Theta healing can be done at a distant place as well. Fee for a theta healing session is Rs 3500/- only.

Psychic Healing:

Psychic Healing is a process of connecting with subconscious mind of other person irrespective of distance. Psychic Reading and Psychic Healing are of immense importance for resolution of blocked energy, aura cleaning, chakra balancing, and healing. Fee for a Psychic Healing session is Rs 3500/- only.

 Reiki Healing:

Reiki energy is a gift from the supreme consciousness. Popularity of Reiki is in itself an evidence of utility of Reiki Healing for the humanity. It helps balancing of energy at chakras level. Psychic surgery, aura cleaning, protection from black energies is done with this wonderful energy. It can be done irrespective of distance. Fee for a Reiki Healing session is Rs 2500/- only.   


Counseling is a wonderful tool to activate energy and wisdom of an individual to take a right decision to fight out the existing problem. Some of the popular issues handled with Counseling are; Career, Relationship, Marital Concerns; Sports; and Routine Behavior issues. Telephonic counseling is also available for the people living at distance. Fee for each counseling session is Rs 3000/- only.

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 -          It is important to know that the mind based therapies are not substitute of any other treatment system. They are used as supplementary devices only. Conviction of the user is important. 

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