It is very easy to become professional hypnotherapist or enhance knowhow level on hypnosis even while being at your place by going through the course material at your computer.

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  • Applied Hypnosis
  • Auto Hypnosis
  • Contemporary Hypnosis
  • Hypno Counseling
  • Clinical Hypnosis

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Number of Pages: 580 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 150

Procedure for Certification:

  • Following documents shall be sent to the students along with five modules of the course:

Registration Form,  Examination Paper, Outlines of case study and a Sample case study

  • Submit online filled in registration form, completed examination sheet and 10 case studies along with evaluation fee.
  • Evaluation fee for the examination sheet and case studies  is USD 100
  • The students need to pay P & H charges along with evaluation fee for delivery of their certificates.
  • P&H charges are USD 50
  • An authentic proof of identification is also required for certification.
  • Evaluation fee of Transpersonal Hypnosis course is USD 40
  • Minimum age for registration is 18 years


1 Hypnotherapy Session- Professional Steps

Number of Pages: 98 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 20

You can make online payment. The book shall be sent by email as an attachment after confirmation of the payment

Contents: The e-book contains details of steps, activities and tasks undertaken while hypnotizing a person, and conducting professional session of hypnotherapy.

The session is described as a process of seven scientifically developed steps; each step having three specific activities; and each activity having three specific tasks. A person can conduct hypnotherapy session easily by following the given steps, activities and tasks.  This is a training module having tips for emerging and established hypnotists both.

The module has nine chapters; Information about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy session has been given in the first chapter; next seven chapters cover seven steps of hypnotherapy session; while last chapter has summary of the tasks.

2.2 Hypnotic Conditions- Practitioner’s Manual

Number of Pages: 190 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 40

You can make online payment The book shall be sent by email as an attachment after confirmation of the payment

Contents: Hypnosis is a mental state experienced under different mental and physical conditions. A set of activities is performed under different techniques of induction to help the client attain a condition suitable to induce hypnosis. The e-book contains detailed information about such 21 conditions. Each condition has been explained in a separate chapter. Each chapter contains four types of information, i.e., the condition, activities performed to bring the conditions, precautions and different techniques used for the purpose.

The manual has eye opening information regarding hypnosis, and is of high value for the emerging and established hypnotists, and teachers of hypnosis.

2.3 Healing Spiritually- Spiritual Healing Strategies

Number of Pages: 116 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 22

You can make online payment. The book shall be sent to you as an attachment of your email in PDF format after confirmation of the payment.

Contents: The book contains details about 41 healing strategies practiced for hypnotherapy treatment.. Each nstrategy is further divided in five subheads, i.e., Brief Introfuction, Assumptions, Healing STeps, Conclusion and Spiritual Tips. The book will enrich knowjow level and facilitate work of counselors, healers, hypnotherapists and psychologists.

2.4 The Couple Therapy

Number of Pages: 134 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 21

You can make online payment The ebook shall be sent to you as an attachmentt of your email in PDF format after confirmation of the payment.

Contents: The book provides complete information on prea nd psot marriage issues of a couple; such as sexual dysfunction(erectile dysfunction and frigidity), communication problem, financial issues, relationship concerns, etc., along with treatment procedures in detail in 15 chapters. For details click here

2.5 Trans Personal Hypnosis:(Pastlife regression, Spirit Release and Accessing Higher Order Energies -Higher self- Spirit Guide- Master- Inner Advisor, etc.).

Number of Pages: 74 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 40

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2.6 Psychic Therapy

Number of Pages: 90 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 30

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2.7 Crash Course Manual (Hypnotherapy, Regression, Higher order Guidance and Foreign Energy Management).

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Number of Pages: 166 (Size A4)

Price: US$ 60

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